Professional pool table installations

Are you looking for a reliable company to take care of your pool table installation service? Look no further! Here with the Tucson pool table repair professionals, you can rest assured your pool table setup will be taken care of professionally. Your pool table will be in the best playing condition when we complete the service. Call us to schedule your pool table installation service or your pool table repair service.

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We cover every aspect of pool table moving, such as the proper disassembly, safe loading, and transport, not to mention the proper pool table setup with perfect leveling. Our skilled pool table movers also perform expert pool table repair.

Interested in the process of installing a pool table? How is a pool table setup done?

Pool table assembly process

There are a bunch of customers interested in knowing the process of setting up a pool table. We’ll briefly describe that process here.

  1. We always start with a disassembled pool table, the first step in the process of installation is starting with attaching the legs to the cabinet or frame of the pool table and leveling this in the place that it will be setup.
  2. Slates are placed on the cabinet of the pool table and leveled individually using precise leveling tools and techniques.  This is the only way to ensure that your pool table setup is done correctly and is a perfect installation.
  3. Seams, defects and screw holes are filled making a flat playing field.
  4. Pool table felt/cloth is attached to the slates. In the event we are putting new felt on for a refelting service we would strip the old felt from the bumpers. New cloth is wrapped on the bumpers before dong the final installation of pockets and rails for you.

We strongly recommend hiring professional pool table setup service like ours. Servicing your pool table can cause damage and/or injuries.

Only when you use the right tools and equipment, along with the proper experience setup wil be perfect.

We’ll gladly take care of your pool table setup service

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Schedule your service with us and rest assured your pool table setup is in the right hands. Decades of experience guarantee the proper pool table setup. With the best service guarantee in the business, issued in writing, and personal attention to the details of your pool table setup, we know you will have the best playing experience when we complete the pool table installation.

We are a professional pool table business and go out of our way to respect our client’s schedules and needs. We also know how vital some pool tables are to our customers and treat them with the utter care you expect.

Call Tucson Pool Table Repair for a complete pool table installation done to the highest standards available in the industry. We provide guaranteed pool table felt against rips or manufacturer defects with each pool table refelting service we take care of. The guarantee is issued in writing and backed by a national organization.

We take care of the pool table installations service under different situations

Check our handy and straightforward pool table dimensions chart page for the approximate pool tables room dimensions.

  • Pool table installation of new tables, this assumes the pool table will be delivered to your home
  • Pool table setup of used tables that are in pieces and currently in the room or on location
  • Transportation from storage to end location and pool table setup
  • If a pool table has been shipped and slates were created but moved by a professional moving company.
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Why is this important to you? We believe in customer service and experience, we go out of our way to make sure your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded, not only from the quality of installation of your pool table but the entire customer experience from your first phone call to the completion and follow up of your job.

Considering our decades of experience, we’ve become the best in pool table service. We pay meticulous attention to the details of your pool table setup, not to mention you are covered with a 1-year guarantee.

The ABIA backs every pool table service we offer for an entire year.

Should you need to replace your pool table cushions, we can do that with minor inconvenience. Please make sure you let us know in advance whether we are also replacing the cushion rubber or if it will be the pool table felt replacement only.